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The atlas is the first vertebra which is found under the skull. But due to the upright position of the human body, the atlas is more part of the skull rather than the spine. This misalignment, which is only noticeable in human species, presents a major problem to mankind.

Encircled by highly critical nerve and blood pathways, a misaligned atlas can lead to several health conditions including: a reduced transmission of nerve signals and blood flow, a curve in the spine and the body at large.

The misalignment of the atlas can inhibit full functionality of the human body, and due to a poor choice of diet, the health problems are intensified.

Before birth, the atlas is formed in the wrong place, and this misalignment carries on for the rest of your life and gets worse every day.

This disorder originated during prehistoric times, where the liver became enlarged and heavier because of too much food in the system.

Consequently, the foetus sleeps mainly with the right side of their body tilted towards the base of the uterus, causing the uterus to exert pressure on the right side of the head and on the right shoulder.

Because of this, the body develops incorrect shape during development and after the birth, and the arrangement and shape of the organs changed (the right pulmonary wing is smaller, the heart moved up, and the right kidney is lowered). The worst of all these misalignments is the atlas, which forms in the wrong place.

Due to the sleeping position of the foetus, the atlas is formed in the wrong directions and angles (backwards and to the right) tilts (to the right downwards, to the left upwards) and rotates (to the right backwards, to the left forwards).

During particularly difficult births, the fifth type of misalignment occurs which is worse than the previous four. On average, it happens to every fiftieth baby and it stays like that during life. In these cases, the base of the skull is elongated so their atlas is located lower than in other people. Because of this the ligaments are stretched, and they cannot hold the atlas firmly connected to the skull. This misaligns the atlas additionally and more often, and those people are more ill compared to others.

Apart from these five types, there is the sixth one, the worst one – tilted forwards, which curves the spine very fast and causes the greatest pain and illnesses. The tilt of the atlas occurs at the beginning of one’s life because the base of the skull starts to slide forwards and down, which shortens one’s life at the very beginning. Unfortunately, this type of misalignment occurs in almost everyone.

When observed from the right, the spine of the foetus has a C shape. When a baby sits or crawls, the opposite curves appear in the cervical and lower spine. When a child starts walking, the curve in the cervical spine becomes more rounded, which is why the base of the skull starts slipping forwards and down. When one starts running or jumping, the base of the skull slips slowly, but sometimes it slips fast and suddenly – due to a blow to the forehead or nape. Ligaments connect the skull and atlas, but the connection is not strong enough so when we fall or are hit, the atlas tilts even more.

The centre of gravity of the head is moved forward compared to the body and gravity tilts the atlas faster from the age of forty. Because of this the flow of neural signals and blood to the brain decrease, the spine and body curve faster which makes old people more ill with every year and their lives shorten.

Almost everyone’s atlas is more or less tilted forwards, so it seems that the quality and length of life depend on how much a person’s atlas is tilted. The HumanUP method corrects all types of atlas misalignment, and it is easiest to correct the tilt.

The most common causes of death are heart attack and stroke. When the atlas is realigned, signals to the heart are not decreased and blood flow through the brain is better, so the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced.



Health is of the utmost importance, and the atlas tune up improves health.



-This enables the survival and development of the human species, and optimal health and longevity to every human being.
There are several ways to realign the atlas, but it can be only aligned correctly with the HumanUP method. When the atlas is in its correct position, the body can function normally, it regenerates better, and overall health improves.

For thousands of years, people have been trying to move the atlas by themselves or for others, which is not possible. During the twentieth century, several methods of atlas alignment were developed using various devices, but these methods are wrong because the atlas is even more misaligned, which causes more diseases.

Due to the misaligned atlas, the center of gravity is shifted, thus the gravity is to be blamed that our bodies curve, that we become shorter, and that we are humiliated by pain and disease. After the atlas is tuned up, the body starts to correct itself while people appear taller, health improves, and life prolongs. People rise physically and mentally, and therefore this method has been called HumanUP.

Today, there are several people in the world who live over 120 years, and tens of thousands live over 100 years because they are fortunate that their atlas is in a more correct position than others. The HumanUP method of atlas tune up is easy but needs to be maintained in the correct anatomical position occasionally during lifetime. People in the future will be healthier, happier and live longer.

Atlas is aligned by massage of the ligaments in the nape area. Massage is not a treatment procedure, and therefore the HumanUP method is not a part of medicine or alternative therapies.
The HumanUP method can be practiced only by persons who have received the certificate of completed training and have the title of an atlasologist. The massage is performed by a special massaging tool, which only atlasologists possess. Atlas tune up in babies and children lasts only a few seconds, and in adults about a minute.

No special conditions are required for the atlas tune up, and during the alignment, a person is sitting in a relaxed position. After the treatment, the self-healing process begins, and the healing reactions occur. Pain and diseases are reduced or disappear, and new health issues do not arise. The health improves permanently.

Due to misaligned atlas, people are struggling with pain and diseases. Our ancestors lived happier in harsher conditions, and today we live in better conditions, but we are sick and unhappy. It’s time to get rid of the suffering by tuning up the atlas in majority of the population.

When the atlas is in the correct position, blood flows freely to the brain, so pupils and students find it easier to learn. Athletes achieve better results, work ability increases, people become more humane, and scientists and artists become more creative. All this provides an exceptional opportunity to improve humanity.

Majority of money is spent on food and health treatments. We all eat more so that the organism has more energy for self-healing, and after the atlas is tuned up, health improves, and we eat less, thus less money is spent on food. People become healthier and more relaxed, which is priceless. People are not depressed due to life circumstances, but because of the feeble state of the organism. When the atlas is aligned, health improves, and the depression disappears. A modest charge for the atlas tune up is the best investment that allows higher productivity and profit, and there is no longer the need to pay for medications.

The HumanUP method is the ultimate solution for the health and life problems of every human being, but also of the entire humanity in the present and in the future.

The book HumanUP Atlas tune up


The rise of humankind

The atlas is misaligned only in human species and is located in the most crucial position in the body. This is the main reason why we become ill and why we do not live as long as we could.

The improvement of hygienic and sanitary conditions has constrained infectious diseases. This reduced fatality and life span was extended, but due to the excessive chemical process of foods, the human body is now burdened with more diseases. Despite the rapid development of medical science, the children are becoming more and more sick. When the atlas is tuned up in children, they will be able to live for 120 years.

The initial cause of all anomalies is enlarged liver, and the atlas misalignment is the worst flaw that became the cause of many other consequences – pain and diseases. Tuning up the atlas removes this fatal anatomical error.

During the twentieth century, foods were contaminated with pesticides. Now there are too many toxic substances in our organism and therefore the liver enlarged. Food and habitat are chemically treated, and the human body is poisoned. There are toxins already in foetal water, thus infertility reached 40%. This percentage is accelerating rapidly and is becoming a threat to survival. Preservation of the species is a priority, and due to infertility, the human species will become endangered. The organism is too damaged by food and medications, and when the atlas is tuned up, the body can more easily detoxify, and infertility decreases. Until the twentieth century, people rarely died of cancer. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, cancer killed every third person. The predictions are that every other person will die from cancer.

We sleep a third of our lives because the organism regenerates and self-heals during sleep. In the past, there was no artificial light, and that’s why people slept more and were healthier. Due to the misaligned atlas, the healing cannot be complete, and medication removes only the symptoms but not the cause, and that is why we feel even more sleepy. The Atlas alignment should heal all people, we will no longer be sick and sleepy, which will allow the rise and the awakening of humankind.
The atlas tune up removes errors that have arisen in the distant and near past. To improve health and life, the HumanUP method should become part of human life and health culture as soon as possible.

Experiences of the reborn

Book: Testimonials of the reborn



There are sciences that make life easier and sciences which make health worse, and the survival of the human species is threatened. The inclusion of chemical science is toxic to habitat and food, which damages human health. Pharmaceutical and medical science are trying to cure people with chemicals, but health is declining.

The time has come for a new science – atlasology, which deals with human atlas. It is unbelievable that there is a huge need for the doctrine of a small part of the human body, but when it is known that due to the atlas misalignment, pains and diseases occur and lifespan becomes shorter, then the need for this doctrine is understood. The introduction of atlasology is indispensable to every human being, as it corrects the anatomical error that occurred in prehistory, and the mistakes of a recent past. When the atlas is tuned up, the metabolism improves, and the organism is more easily detoxified, so no medical treatment is needed.

In the past, most people tried to move the atlas in themselves or for others, but these attempts were wrong, so the atlas was even more misaligned, and health declined. Thousands of generations have been victims of misaligned atlas, and for the present generations, it is even worse due to the wrong methods. Finally, in 2014, Predrag Djordjevic invented the HumanUP method with which the atlas is returned into a correct position, thus removing the anatomical error and errors of other methods of atlas alignment.

Mission of Atlasology: to inform humanity that it is possible to live healthier and longer by tuning up the atlas; educate new atlasologists on how to tune up the atlas; advise people on how to properly maintain their body and health.

The Founder

Predrag Djordjevic

Founder of atlasology

Born on March 23, 1958, my father Kristifor passed on to me the surname Djordjevic, and my mother Miljanka gave me the name of Predrag. I have been sick for fifty-one years, six months, and three days and I’ve been reborn on September 26, 2009, and since then my health keeps improving.

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